April 23, 2014


After three years of radio silence from San Francisco psychedelic popsters Melted Toys, Underwater Peoples is happy to announce the release of their self-titled debut album this summer! The first single, “Blush,” is streaming up on Spin, but you can check it out below and preorder the LP here.

The band consists of longtime pals Stephen Harkins, Daniel Rosado, Brian Wakefield, and Ole Haarstad, and their casual bond laces the new LP with an unpretentious languidness that’s both downcast and serene, while still retaining an uptempo pop feel. The eponymous work is reminiscent of mid-career FELT, where Maurice Deebank’s somber leads colored each and every detail, rather than having just issued showy statements at predictable intervals. Highlights along the Melted Toys LP spark from timely synthesizer voicings as well, mixed in fantastic contrast against the shadowy mid-tones of Wakefield’s bass and Haarstad’s metronomic drums.
The three-year wait for this debut (since the wonderful Washed & Dried EP) irked friends and followers close to the band, but it was the unfortunate result of a laptop left aboard a BART train to who-knows-where. And so it goes – Melted Toys seems to have used the guffaw to their advantage, having relocated to Los Angeles while singer-guitarist Steven Harkins traveled in Asian and wrote an additional half of the material.
In Tapei specifically, the sounds and visions of surrounding villages inspired Harkins and his partner Isabelle to take in as much as possible, everyday setting out, walkman in hand, to discover and explore the region. Soundtracked by Shinsei Kamattechan, Pootee’s Yen Kids Mix, Chris Rainbow, and lots of J-pop artists, Harkins contends that his time away was imbued with a sense of musical voyage, with the goal of writing new stuff for Melted Toys. Much of which was composed using an old acoustic guitar that Isabelle’s father had used while playing in Taiwanese bands in the 70s.
Harkins’ journeys framed a more patient and laid back approach to tracking, which in today’s frenetic, all-or-nothing music market is certainly unusual, but of course has worked to Melted Toys’ advantage. The songwriting process evident throughout the album is just as much about that space in between song creation, i.e. the life lived outside of music making – the waiting, the strangeness of dreams, and the redundancy of daily life underpinning the desire to escape. This is the color outside the lines of the album’s twelve tracks, and the source of the album’s emotive intensity.

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March 14, 2014


Underwater Peoples are proud and excited to announce Three Legged Race’s “Rope Commercial, Vol. 1″ EP. The artist’s first release for UP and the first in a series of future releases, The EP serves as the follow up to Three Legged Race’s “Persuasive Barrier” LP in 2012.
Importantly, Rope Commercial Vol. 1 will be outfitted in a picture-disc of a classic Beatty vision. In a creamy neon-green urban landscape, the face of a humanoid figure is merged with a screen of a smartphone, its consciousness fused to the glass. Dangling from the phone is one leg outfitted in a woman’s heel, presumably its sole means of transport. These kind of pathetic cyborg figures in states of physical flux frequently appear in Beatty’s art. They function neatly as windows into Beatty’s music as well, with its electronically marred voices and barren sonic spaces. These figures are Beatty’s torpid avatars, in his music and art both, their humanism is strained by a confounding digital synergy.

Aptly, the picture-disc is a perfect setting for Beatty’s airbrush work, his favored rendering tool, and the general modus operandi of Beatty’s electronic music as Three Legged Race. In all, Beatty renews obsolete materials discarded from a voracious commercial culture, and employs them in strangely poignant contexts.

The opening track off the EP “All Ajax Dial” premiered yesterday over at Fact Magazine

The picture disc EP is set to be released internationally May 27, 2014.

Stay tuned for more Three Legged Race news soon!!

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February 11, 2014


After a steady stream of strong singles and entrancing trailer videos over the past few months, you can finally now stream Evan Ønly’s stunning debut EP, “No Matter What” in its entirety over at PopMatters.

Here’s what PopMatter had to say about the EP:

“Evan Ønly describes his electropop as “future vintage”, which provides a fitting mental picture of the slick, neon-saturated compositions on his upcoming EP, No Matter What. And while No Matter What trades in a nostalgic vision of the future with its sweeping synths and post-‘80s vibe, Evan Ønly executes his sound in a vivid and vibrant way that feels wholly current. Premiering on PopMatters, No Matter What releases on 18 February, via Underwater Peoples.”

Listen to the EP in its entirety here:

the “No Matter What” EP is out:



AND for a bit of a background on Evan Ønly make sure to check out his great interview with Impose Magazine HERE

as well as his teaser trailers HERE http://underwaterpeoples.com/videos/

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November 26, 2013


Fol​lowing last month’s Pitchfork premiere of Evan Ønly’s debut single, “No Matter What,” The Fader premieres his new track, “From The Stone,” today. A sterling cut from Ønly’s upcoming No Mattter What EP, “From The Stone” showcases the darker, more sinuous side of Evan Ønly’s songcraft. Ønly, a commited fan of Eighties era horror flicks, uses this song to conjure that era’s fascination with necromancy, metaphorically and otherwise. It’s a pristine slice of industrial-laced pop in the vein of artists like Chris & Cosey and Depeche Mode. Like the rest of the EP, “From The Stone” was produced by Kurt Feldman (of The Pains of Being Pure At Heart and Ice Choir); his production for Evan Ønly has already been praised as “silvery” by Pitchfork. And elemental it is, but “From The Stone’s” heart can be located on its full metal jacket sleeve.

Alongside the song premiere, The Fader also shares Evan Ønly’s second EP trailer, this one featuring the lovely Andrea Grant, creator of the Minx graphic novel series. Shot by cinematographer Charles Poekel and featuring costume direction by Thom Browne, it’s the latest in a series of artfully shot cinematic trailers that foreshadow the unwinding Evan Ønly story.

Evan Ønly’s “No Matter What” EP is out Feb. 18th, 2014. Pre-Order your copy HERE

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October 8, 2013


Underwater Peoples is proud to announce the upcoming release of “No Matter What”, the debut EP from Evan Ønly. Drawing its inspiration from classic “future vintage” synth pop pioneers such as Pet Shop Boys, La Roux, and David Bowie’s “Let’s Dance”, the “No Matter What” EP is a highly-evolved synth rock record. Produced by Ice Choir’s Kurt Feldman at the pristine Winter Station, these six songs are personal anthems turned psychological pop. The EP is set to hit the streets in early 2014 but you get your first peek into Evan’s pop adventure now with it’s first single, the powerful title track “No Matter What”.

Pitchfork premiered the track earlier today, Larry Fitzmaurice had this to say about it:
“Family Portrait frontman Evan Brody helped co-found Brooklyn label Underwater Peoples, and he also makes music on his own as, fittingly, Evan Ønly. Brody will release his debut EP, No Matter What, in February of next year on his own label; the EP was produced by the Pains of Being Pure at Heart member and Ice Choir frontman Kurt Feldman, and its title track certainly smacks of the silvery 1980s motifs explored on the Ice Choir’s solid 2012 LP Afar”.

NMW_VID_TRAILERØØ1 from Evan Ønly on Vimeo.

To dive deeper into the world of Evan Ønly check here, here, here and here. And make sure to stay tuned for much much more.

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September 12, 2013

UP Mixtape #8 – Time Has Run Out – Robert Beatty/ Three Legged Race

UP is proud to present the 8th installment of our mixtape series, “Time Has Run Out”, an hour-long sonic jammer compiled by Lexington, Kentucky’s Robert Beatty.

A stalwart member of the underground for nearly a decade now, Beatty is known for his work as both a musician and multimedia artist. He is specifically responsible for some of the most iconic album art of the past few years (as well as show posters, music videos and more) in addition to the audio projects Three Legged Race and (with others) Hair Police.
Having designed a solid chunk of the album art here at UP (including work for La Big Vic, Andrew Cedermark, Speculator, The Memories, and more to come), we are proud to say that Beatty’s aesthetic has helped to frame our own.
Take a listen to “Time Has Run Out,” Beatty’s submission to the UP mixtape series, and get ready for a Three Legged Race X Underwater Peoples release in 2014….more details soon!
For more of Beatty’s work, art, videos, tunes, etc check out his site HERE

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September 11, 2013


Twerps are back! Check out what the band has been up to in the studio these past few days & get a little taste of whats to come on their upcoming sophomore LP. Set to be out in 2014, details are still a bit sparse but keep your eyes peeled for more info soon!!

You can still grab Twerps debut LP and 7″s HERE at the UP Online Shop.
Also Twerps have a few days lined up in their native Australia with Mac DeMarco this coming October. Tickets are currently on sale. You can snag your tickets HERE (Melbourne) and HERE (Sydney)
Make sure to look out for more Twerps and UP news sooon!!

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July 16, 2013


A tad late on posting this but Andrew Cedermark’s sophomore LP is currently streaming in it’s entirety over at NPR’s “First Listen”!
Here is what NPR’s Stephen Thomas had to say:
“Andrew Cedermark used to play guitars in the New Jersey band Titus Andronicus, whose songs are so stuffed with words, they’re often sent flying out like spring snakes — as a listener, you’re left wondering how they all fit in there in the first place. But as a solo artist, Cedermark plants his warble like land mines under layers of guitars that billow and rumble, Crazy Horse-style. He writes songs about loneliness and alienation — even the title of his new second album, Home Life, suggests a reclusive existence — but it often takes several listens to locate the words.
Cedermark’s guitars, on the other hand, are the equivalent of his former band’s lyrics: They’re buzzing all over Home Life, as he mixes homely dissonance with strangely crooked, decidedly beautiful majesty. Out July 16, the album opens with a tremendous tone-setter in “On Me,” a radical revision and deconstruction of Bill Withers’ “Lean on Me” which ultimately collapses in on itself in bleakly spectacular fashion. Home Life doesn’t even get a whole lot more uplifting than that, but it amply demonstrates Cedermark’s capacity to both bum out and stun.”
Home Life is out digitally July 16th and on vinyl 8/20. You can grab your copy of Andrew Cedermark’s “Home Life” LP HERE!
Also make sure to check out the dates below to catch Andrew and the band play a show near you
7/16/2013 • Nashville, TN • High Watt
7/17/2013 • Oxford, MS • Lamar Lounge
7/18/2013 • Athens, GA • Flicker
7/19/2013 • Raleigh, NC • King’s Barcade
7/20/2013 • Charlottesville, VA • Twisted Branch Tea Bazaar

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July 3, 2013


Having just wrapped up a US/ Canada tour co-headling with The Luyas in support of his latest effort, “Lines”, Julian Lynch wastes no time to offer up something new. Teaming up again with frequent video collaborator and director Richard Law (who has previously directed and shot many UP vids including Julian’s “Garden 2″ and “Terra”), the two present a new music video for Julian’s “North Line”.
Watch dogs go for a relaxing early evening ride in this short but memorably sweet video. Check it out below.

Julian previously released a video for his song “Gloves” directed by Sarah Kinlaw. If you missed it make sure to check it out below.

Julian Lynch – Gloves from Sarah Kinlaw on Vimeo.

You can grab your copy of Julian Lynch’s “Lines” LP HERE!

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Free Time has been keeping busy lately. Fresh off their first US tour and on the heels of their debut LP the band managed to find time to shoot another music video.
Free Time previously shared a video for their song “I Lost Again.” Now, you can watch a new video for their song “Just One”. The video, directed by Ben Bernstein and Sam Jones, shows a day in the life of the band in NY via GoPro cameras strapped to their heads. Check out the video below.

Also if you missed it before, check out Free Time’s previous vid for “I Lost Again”

You can grab your copy of Free Time’s self titled LP HERE!

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