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November 2, 2015

Ian Drennan Premier’s “Asclepias”, Flower of Love LP Out Now

Ian Drenna’s new album “Flower of Love” is out now!! In honor of it’s release we are very happy to reveal a track off the new album. Take a listen to Asclepias:

A collection of defamiliarized love songs, Flower of Love was composed using samples gathered from the intimate spaces Drennan inhabited while in the company of others. Thwarting the lone-artist model dictating so much electronic music production, Drennan construed Flower of Love through a process of opening and affirmation, sharing his process rather than stealing moments here and there to compose privately. Tonal sequences across Flower of Love service this approach less metaphorically than performatively, as the album’s practical context becomes just one element of Drennan’s immersion into unprecedented aural environments.
Ian’s new album is out now and can be found at the UP online shop, your local record store or favorite mail order site.
Posted by R.E.

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