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March 14, 2014


Underwater Peoples are proud and excited to announce Three Legged Race’s “Rope Commercial, Vol. 1″ EP. The artist’s first release for UP and the first in a series of future releases, The EP serves as the follow up to Three Legged Race’s “Persuasive Barrier” LP in 2012.
Importantly, Rope Commercial Vol. 1 will be outfitted in a picture-disc of a classic Beatty vision. In a creamy neon-green urban landscape, the face of a humanoid figure is merged with a screen of a smartphone, its consciousness fused to the glass. Dangling from the phone is one leg outfitted in a woman’s heel, presumably its sole means of transport. These kind of pathetic cyborg figures in states of physical flux frequently appear in Beatty’s art. They function neatly as windows into Beatty’s music as well, with its electronically marred voices and barren sonic spaces. These figures are Beatty’s torpid avatars, in his music and art both, their humanism is strained by a confounding digital synergy.

Aptly, the picture-disc is a perfect setting for Beatty’s airbrush work, his favored rendering tool, and the general modus operandi of Beatty’s electronic music as Three Legged Race. In all, Beatty renews obsolete materials discarded from a voracious commercial culture, and employs them in strangely poignant contexts.

The opening track off the EP “All Ajax Dial” premiered yesterday over at Fact Magazine

The picture disc EP is set to be released internationally May 27, 2014.

Stay tuned for more Three Legged Race news soon!!

Posted by R.E.

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