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September 12, 2013

UP Mixtape #8 – Time Has Run Out – Robert Beatty/ Three Legged Race

UP is proud to present the 8th installment of our mixtape series, “Time Has Run Out”, an hour-long sonic jammer compiled by Lexington, Kentucky’s Robert Beatty.

A stalwart member of the underground for nearly a decade now, Beatty is known for his work as both a musician and multimedia artist. He is specifically responsible for some of the most iconic album art of the past few years (as well as show posters, music videos and more) in addition to the audio projects Three Legged Race and (with others) Hair Police.
Having designed a solid chunk of the album art here at UP (including work for La Big Vic, Andrew Cedermark, Speculator, The Memories, and more to come), we are proud to say that Beatty’s aesthetic has helped to frame our own.
Take a listen to “Time Has Run Out,” Beatty’s submission to the UP mixtape series, and get ready for a Three Legged Race X Underwater Peoples release in 2014….more details soon!
For more of Beatty’s work, art, videos, tunes, etc check out his site HERE

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