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January 29, 2013


La Big Vic’s Cold War LP is out today – get your very own vinyl copy now!
And while you wait for it’s delivery, take a peek at Dummy Magazine‘s expansive review of La Big Vic’s newest full-length, which includes insightful consideration of their previous work as well.
“Logan Takahashi of Teengirl Fantasy recently shared his admiration for New York trio La Big Vic for a feature on Dummy, citing the honesty they portray as a fusion act, stating: ‘A lot of times musical eclecticism can end up feeling more like a conceptual one-liner, but with La Big Vic it is used as a (natural) means to an end…’

“…Their first LP, 2011’s ‘Actually’, seemed more about La Big Vic setting out the terms through which their wide-reaching musicianship could be defined – with its psychedelic inflections and more overt Eastern influences crafted through its improvisatory atmosphere. A year later came ‘Dub The World!: Actually Revisited’, offering dub reinterpretations of the first album. While it could be easy to dismiss the significance of such a record, it’s actually (sic.) one that’s essential in moving towards the natural feel that Takahashi speaks of…

“…‘Cold War’ benefits immensely by carrying this appreciation for spacious, dubby ambience into a work that drives more towards multifaceted pop clarity. This presents itself instantly: with the opening title track commencing with Freidlander’s reverb-buried, echoing vocal proclaiming, “Now that we’re underground”. The maelstrom of influences then rush in – with subtle fanfare blasts, lively strings and bass-heavy percussion passing into a clear, hard-hit drum sound. It’s a big, room-filling pop opener – but one whose rich palette of sounds greatly benefits from taking breathing space in its dub-infused opening and closing passages. Whether conscious or not, it’s a mode that relies on periods of openness that continue throughout ‘Cold War’. In the case of synth-pop number Cave Man, the stretched-out, underwater interludes produce something genuinely innovative in its criss-crossing reference points.”

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