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January 15, 2013


Stream all of La Big Vic’s upcoming full-length, Cold War, via Noisey. The album is due January 29th, check out what Noisey has to say about it:

“God we love La Big Vic. They just sent us a copy of their sophomore record Cold War… The music is built on pitch-perfect pop hooks that emerge from a goopy haze of synthetic keyboards and distorting echo. The songwriting is top tier, and will make you want to pick up work on that novel or start working out or some other New Years Resolution-type activity…”

Cold War homes in on the power of a soulful hook without forfeiting the cosmopolitanism that made its predecessor so unique. The arrangements are lusher and crisper than ever, thanks partly to Toshio’s mastery of the bedroom recording studio, and partly to Soft Landing Studio’s Steve Griesgraber, who engineered the vocals and violin. More grounded in hip-hop beats and melodic synth leads than its predecessor, Cold War also sees the band venturing deeper into narrative storytelling, darting between emotional missed connections and the romantic melancholy of wandering the city streets alone at night. It’s an upside-down love letter to the city that never sleeps, and the sound of three musicians coming into their own.

Listen to the whole album below and be sure to preorder your copy from the UP Store.

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