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December 31, 2012


New visual accompaniment to Monopoly Child Star Searchers’ “Double Call of Toucan Night”!
“This video, made by Amy Rosealynne Faust, was made to further elucidate [The Garnet Toucan's] message of transformation, from terrestrial being to advanced symbol star chart. On the other side of our system’s sister star, Sirius, the Toucan (mediator symbol) is seen to flux into a starry-eyed totem representing the frog-leap of evolution of the Monopoly Child Star Searchers music from inner-outer-inner. As it can be seen in the Southern Hemispheres night sky” – Charles Berlitz, Nov. 25 2012

Vinyl mailorder site Fusetron is hosting the video as well – check it out and grab yourself a beautiful gatefold copy of The Garnet Toucan

Posted by mimwan

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