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February 22, 2012


We’re very pleased to announce Canto Arquipélago, by Dolphins into the Future.

Lievan explains the record’s inspiration in Fact Magazine:

the Azores [islands], a remarkably beautiful volcanic archipelago that lacks very little by way of inspiration. Once an island gets born, it’s a continuous struggle, a continuous dialogue, a learning, a BATTLE and cooperation of influences. The sea starts bashing on it’s shores. Erosion starts the complete demolition of the island. But at the same time, sun and sea give birth and food… Archipelagos have a heavy rhythm.

FACT Magazine

Simon Reynolds says of Lievan:

Martens has fastened on one rivulet in the torrent of ex-Skaters output and developed it into a distinct and more fully realized sound-stream. Dolphins Into the Future is a significantly more electronic proposition, touching on just about every decade of its history, from early Dutch operators like Dick Raaijmakers, through the Seventies analogue synth gods and their New Age-y Eighties offshoot “space music” (Martens gives props to Windham Hill sub-label Private Music, artists like Michael Stearns and Emerald Web, and America’s long-runningHearts of Space radio show), up to Nineties electronica heads like The Orb.


For the whole story on Lievan, and inspirational super group the Skaters, invest some time in Simon Reynolds vast intranet.

Pre-Order available now, released internationally on March 6th.



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