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January 6, 2012

Liam the Younger – After the Graveyard LP
[UPLP012/ ALC 001]


Is there anything as ubiquitous and personal as nostalgia? It is a feeling we all readily acknowledge and are inescapably drawn to, often finding it in the same places, while cherishing it for our own reasons. Simply reading the word evokes a unique slew of images in all of us, from which we subconsciously define the sentiment. Yet culturally, at least from an American perspective, it is common to find that we describe the emotion using very similar phrases and images, as if they were drawn from a collective memory – a national dream in the most literal sense.

Liam Betsonʼs music lends itself to our collective memories – the true American dream, blasting images into the blackness of our minds like a spinning animation wheel making a horse gallop.

After the Graveyard and Clear Skies Over Black River are vivifying and mnemonic works that bestow the same gift of empathy that Dorothea Lange gave our grandparents. Liam the Youngerʼs songwriting equalizes the bucolic dreams of our American consciousness, pacifying the storm waves of understanding each other. It is both euphoric and lonely in a way that Guthriean folk has a tendency to be, yet is altogether present and its own.

1. Current Joys
2. This Land Pt. 1
3. Ode to The
4. This Land Pt. 2
5. After the Graveyard
6. Songs of Living
7. I Will Be Good Pt. 1
8. It Is Good
9. An Easy Place Pt. 1
10. If I Ever Live Alone
11. I Will Be Good Pt. 2
12. Two Sides
13. An Easy Place Pt. 2
14. An Easy Place Pt. 3
15. Sleep Pt. 3

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