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July 21, 2011

Help Save Silent Barn!

Silent Barn has been robbed!! LEND A HAND >>> Kickstarter, Facebook

The Silent Barn is an immersion into the art of New York City as it lives.  It’s a double-floor music venue inside of a kitchen, an independent video games arcade, an art theater & performance space, a party surveillance system, a zine library, a museum of gigantic murals, and a home for Castle Oscar and Mama cat.  Founded in 2004, The Silent Barn is now grandfather to a beautiful re-emergence of similar spaces across Brooklyn, and a quintessential model for all-ages DIY art and music culture in America.  It resides proudly alongside Flux Factory and the Museum of the Moving Image as a rare contemporary art institution in Queens, New York.  It has long been the headquarters of both Showpaper and Babycastles, young and booming art institutions in NYC.   It has helped to birth the careers of The Dirty ProjectorsDan Deacon, Future IslandsDeerhunterTeengirl FantasyVivian GirlsReal EstateThe Black LipsPictureplane, Woods and many, many others.

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