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June 29, 2011

Andrew Cedermark / Family Portrait – Split 7″


This split is from Andrew Cedermark (Born in beautiful Glen Rock, NJ/Formerly of Titus Andronicus) and Family Portrait (Frontman Evan Brody hails from Ridgewood, NJ). Despite all the tracks being painstakingly recorded, we might as well have just taped one of our house parties. Nine times out of ten, this split was the bill. Andrew’s sets always demanded your utmost attention, for his demeanor tended to be quite distant and estranged. As drunkards milled by, they often caught a lyric or a tone and organically shuffled themselves to desirable positions around the room. His songs certainly haunted their listeners, giving an otherwise frivolous party, inherent meaning. Once Andrew bore into our minds, Brody made it his business to melt faces. Family Portrait sets thrashed through melodies and high leg kicked through bass lines. The band would play until they exhausted their catalog, fueled by plastered smiles, drunk yelps, twirling girls and spliffs. Despite being two very different stage acts, both bands emit towers of sound and giant walls of melodic noise, making this record a diverse yet cohesive thrill ride.

A1: Andrew Cedermark – Untruth
A2: Andrew Cedermark – Hard Livin’
B1: Family Portrait – Super Cool
B2: Family Portrait – Mega Secrets
w/ CDR

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